Consultant, Adelaide, Australia


Tertiary qualifications

B.Sc.(Eng.) with honours, University of Cairo

Master of Town Planning, University of Adelaide

Professional Involvement

Coordinator for special and major multidisciplinary development projects for the Commonwealth of Australia.

Papers presented at International Conferences, with the aim of promoting the proactive development of the Matrix as a conceptual holistic tool

1991 in Jerusalem, on Facet Theory:

Introducing the Bayer Matrix

1992 in Townsville, on Thinking:

The Comprehension Core

1993 in Prague, on Facet Theory:

Interpretation, an overview in Facet and Matrix terms

1994 in Boston, on Thinking:

Harnessing the Semantics

1995 in Amsterdam, on Facet Theory:

Optimisation and Predictions

1995 in Malta, on Creative Thinking:

Concepts and Creativity

1997 in Singapore, on Thinking:

The Holistic Whole

1997 in Malta, on Creative Thinking:

The Tensorial Power of Words

1999 in Edmonton, on Thinking:

Values, Wisdom, Beliefs and Directions

1999 in Berne, on Facet Theory:

The Quality of Democracy: A Facet Approach with Holistic Support

2000 in Malta, on Creative Thinking:

Core, Alignments and Peripherals - Matrix Patterns

2001 in Auckland, on Thinking:

The Holistic Paradigms - Matrix Patterns

2001 in Prague, on Facet Theory:

The Value of Friendship: A Facet Approach with Holistic Support

2002 in Harrogate, on Thinking:

The only Enemy is ERROR

2003 in Phoenix, on Thinking:

                         Intelligence is ONE, Multifaceted within multiple contexts

2004 for Malta, Abstract on Creative Thinking:

                         HOLISTICS: the Universal Reality

2005 for Melbourne, Abstract on Thinking:

                         HOLISTICS: THE UNIVERSAL REALITY


Internet:   From 1997 onwards, these papers are available on the Internet