BAYER 2005

HOLISTICS: the Universal Reality

Ben Bayer

Adelaide, Australia


This paper is a further development of the Matrix potential to explore word/meaning relationships along well defined lines. Holistics is the selected key word similar to Physics, Mathematics or Logistics, but encompassing all these systems, strands, disciplines or perspectives, presented in Visual Displays.


An interesting feature of relationships is the pairing of Displays. Two such pairings are given, one of them presenting a striking analogy between the unifying mind boggling 1905 Special Theory of Relativity and the famous de Bono dictum I am Right You are Wrong, paired with a valuable analogy between the 1915 General Theory of Relativity and Agreement (39). Also included is an Interfaith display for religion, a French display for linguistics and a Faceted format display for clarity of definitions. The visual display strength is Seeing is Believing and the more the radar screen is Holistic and effective the more the believing can be validated, kept flexibly ongoing and ready for expansion.