BAYER 2003

Intelligence is ONE, Multifaceted

within multiple contexts

Ben Bayer

Adelaide, Australia

Abstract. This paper uses the HOLISTIC approach in addressing the theme of paradigm shifts in all disciplines. One special concept, reflected in the title, is INTELLIGENCE (55.585) which is seen as ONE, rather than multiple, though multifaceted and within multiple contexts. Its conceptual elements are best visualized by displaying on the Matrix, a conceptual holistic framework which integrates the four elements feel/think/act/time into a single landscape of values and entities.

There is a paradigm shift whenever the meaning of key words is modified along time through social, cultural, technological, political or other pressures, injecting ambivalence in ongoing communication (55.368). The result can be destabilising unless redressed by clarity (25.55), openness (55.85) and creativity (86.85). In the clearly defined and appropriately polarised Matrix landscape, the tensorial expressions for key words can be projected and their interactions visualized operating in line with the well established notion that seeing is believing. Paradigm shifts are a normal aspect of the evolutionary process and, if properly managed, they can help harness the ambivalent forces at play towards a symbiosis (17.796) bringing together specialists and generalists across all disciplines.

A number of complementary visual displays are also included supporting the view that the holistic approach, by promoting clarity and openness, creates and reinforces the opportunities for a strong, positive, proactive direction in a high technology fast changing world.

1. Introduction

2. The holistic framework

2.1 Matrix expressions

2.2 Polarity

2.3 The Square and the Circle

2.4 Template with H and C

2.5 Emphasis

3. Communication

3.1 Language

3.2 Linguistics

4. Intelligence

4.1 Wisdom

4.2 Subtlety

4.3 Partnerships

5. Holistics


6. Displays

6.1 Visual Displays

03P01        ONE Intelligence, Multifaceted

03P02        The only Enemy is ERROR

03P03        Intelligence: the Horizontal pull

03P04        Energy: the Vertical thrust

03P05        The Meaning partners: Perception, Equivalence, Coherence

03P06        Consistency  v/s  Coherence

03P07        The interactive Cycle (and Causality) ABCDE

03P08        The Proactive Sequence abc


03P09 Tensorial Integration  Q = S q E


03P10        The Matrix Dominant Paradigms tabulated

03P11        Ideas and Skills on diagonal 88 - 66

03P12        The diagonals Outreaches

03P13        5 Mots Importants (French Words)

03P14        ME, YOU and US

03P15        The Power to say NO v/s The Strength to YES

03P16        The Power to force v/s The Strength to soothe

03P17        Team Work Interactive Development

03P18        Diagonal 39-59-79


6.2 Magnetic Displays

This is a convenient tooling extension whereby small magnets can be placed at selected locations on the Matrix template to effect display or to help final pattern selections. The magnets can then be shifted by simple sliding on the template.

7. Conclusion

8. References