BAYER 2002

The only Enemy is ERROR

Ben Bayer

Adelaide, Australia

The main themes selected for this paper are COMMUNICATION (55.368) and INTELLIGENCE (55.585). Their potential can best be visualized by displays on the Matrix, a conceptual HOLISTIC framework which integrates the four elements feel/think/act/time into a single landscape of values and entities. The Matrix template has been improved by the simple addition of the numbers 1 to 9 horizontally and vertically to provide a convenient and effective reminder of the relative position of each highway and crossway.

In the clearly defined and appropriately polarised Matrix landscape, the tensorial power of key words can be projected and their interactions visualized, operating in line with the well established notion that seeing is believing. Communication is shown as the way to promote understanding, resolve conflict and optimally achieve agreement. Intelligence is shown as being ONE, rather than multiple, though multifaceted and within multiple contexts. ERROR as a paradigm (23.0) is part of all problems and can be shown arguably as the worst and only enemy from within and without, inversing and reversing the best designs and the best intentions.

A number of complementary visual displays are also included supporting the view that the holistic approach, by promoting clarity, openness and transparency, creates and reinforces the opportunities for a strong, positive, proactive direction to modern thinking.

1. Introduction

2. The holistic framework

2.1 Matrix expressions

2.2 Polarity

2.3 The Square and the Circle

2.4 Template with H and C

2.5 Emphasis

3. Communication

3.1 Language

3.2 Linguistics

4. Intelligence

4.1 Wisdom

4.2 Subtlety

4.3 Partnerships

5. Error

5.1 Problem areas

5.2 Problem solving

6. Displays

6.1 Visual Displays

02H01        Communication

02H02        The 7 Cs

02H03        Information handling

02H04        The only Enemy is ERROR

02H05        ONE Intelligence, Multifaceted

02H06        Intelligence: the Horizontal pull

02H07        Energy: the Vertical thrust

02H08        The Meaning partners: Perception, Equivalence, Coherence

02H09        Consistency  v/s  Coherence

02H10        The interactive Cycle (and Causality) ABCDE

02H11        The Proactive Sequence abc


02H12 Tensorial Integration  Q = S q E


02H13        The Matrix Dominant Paradigms tabulated

02H14        The five Ws and How

02H15        May and Can

02H16        Fear / Failure  v/s  Hope / Success

02H17        Stress / ed

02H18        Combining key words

02H19        C1  to  H4

02H20        C4  to  H6

02H21        Ahead, Behind, Above Below

02H22        Ideas and Skills on diagonal 88 - 66

02H23        Venom  v/s  Symbiosis (Evolution Polarised)

02H24        The only enemy of peace is TERROR

6.2 Magnetic Displays

This is a convenient tooling extension whereby small magnets can be placed at selected locations on the Matrix template to effect display or to help final pattern selections. The magnets can then be shifted by simple sliding on the template.

7. Conclusion

8. References